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    World Championship Free Largest Online Poker Tournament

    Prepare yourself to enter the toughest and largest free online poker tournament the world has ever seen.

The WCFLOP is a Championship Tournament which will consist of 20 total rounds. All Attack Poker players are automatically entered into the main event tournament held every Sunday until the end of the year.

  • Rounds 1 - 10 will be played March through May 2014
  • Rounds 11 - 20 will be played August through December 2014.
  • The first 10 winners will go heads-up and determine Champion #1.
  • The last 10 winners will go heads-up and determine Champion #2.
  • Champion #1 will face Champion#2 in a heads-up match to win the inaugural WCFLOP tournament and receive an Attack Poker Championship Belt.

How each week is structured:

Each Sunday you can enter Into the WCFLOP main event tournament. Play your way down to the final table (8) and you will make the bracket for that week. Once in the bracket it will be heads-up play. Win the bracket and you’ve made it to the Final Bracket for that season!

What if I miss Sunday’s main event tournament?

We thought of that and wanted to make it fair for everyone. So each night Monday – Saturday we will feature a heads-up event called “Attack of the Night WCFLOP”. Play and win one of these nights and automatically make the bracket the following week!


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